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Selecting the right school for your child's education is a life-changing decision that all parents must make. Reddam House has built a remarkable reputation across three continents for demonstrating exceptional educational standards. At our school, we help children achieve their learning goals and personal dreams. Our sole aim is to equip individuals with the tools they need to succeed in their academic and professional careers while enjoying valuable opportunities to develop their skills, interests and talents to the highest level possible.

The benefits of education at Reddam House Sydney are extensive. We offer access to unique overseas and cultural experiences as part of one of the world's largest school groups, and students are empowered to thrive in immersive lessons that bring learning to life. They also gain unrivalled child-centred care to support their well-being at every stage. At our school, students enjoy a rewarding journey towards fantastic results. In the process of attaining high-quality qualifications, they receive a fulfilling school experience that will remain of value for the rest of their lives.

View the table below for an outline of our tuition fees, application costs and payment schedules.



O/S Students Annual


$27,110 $33,325

1 & 2

$29,160 $35,400

3 & 4

$33,883 $40,140

5 & 6

$35,590 $41,710

7 & 8

$38,636 $46,566

9 & 10

$40,960 $48,722


$43,400 $51,120


$43,400 $51,120

A late fee of $60 for quarterly fees and $25 for monthly fees will be added to your account if your fees have not been paid by the due date.

Any fees overdue after 30 days past the due date will incur a further interest charge of 5% on the overdue balance and this will be added to your account on a weekly basis.

Returned Direct Debits will result in an additional $10 cost recovery fee.



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