Preschool Education

Welcome to our Early Learning School located in Woollahra, Sydney. We extend a warm invitation to children aged 1 to 5, inviting them to embark on a joyful voyage of discovery while nurturing their skills within a cozy, homely atmosphere. The educational journey at Reddam House, Woollahra Campus encompasses various stages: Early Learning for 1 to 5-year-olds, Primary School for children from Kindergarten to Year 6, and Middle School for students in Year 7 to 9. Our Senior School, catering to students in Year 10 to 12, can be found at our Bondi Campus.

The well-being of each individual is central to the Reddam Early Learning School approach. We are proud to offer leading childcare with holistic preschool education and ensure young learners are nurtured, valued and given the freedom to truly thrive. Guided by dedicated staff, children build the foundational competencies through an Reggio Emilia-inspired approach. They are given valuable opportunities to fulfil their potential in bright classrooms, exceptional outdoor facilities, and a nurturing and secure environment.

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Why Choose Our Preschool Education?

At our Early Learning School in Sydney, we understand the importance of holistic preschool education. Children, no matter how young, are capable of incredible things, which is why we give 1 to 5-year-olds the best experiences possible and guide them towards important milestones. Located on our beautiful campus, our Early Learning School in Woollahra aims to serve local families in Sydney and warmly welcome families from overseas.

Our dedicated staff are proud to deliver first-class, independent childcare in Woollahra. They ensure our young learners feel safe, secure and valued by fostering an inspiring environment that encourages little ones to explore the world around them. Youngsters learn through an effective, child-centred approach that helps them build foundational skills through play-based methods. As part of our happy and inclusive community, your child will gain all the support they need to achieve their full potential.

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Preschool Curriculum

Our preschool curriculum is both effective and innovative, following the Reggio Emilia inspired approach to early years' education. The well-respected approach builds nurturing relationships, encourages independent investigation, and champions discussion and discovery.

The well-being of each individual is central to the Reddam Early Learning School approach. By implementing the internationally-renowned Reggio Emilia philosophy, our preschool educators embrace a methodology that places each child at the centre of the learning process. The Reggio Emilia Inspired approach at Reddam House ELS emphasises children as active, curious learners. Our curriculum is interest-driven, with teachers observing and documenting activities for guidance. We employ project-based learning, fostering in-depth investigations of children's interests. The environment, our "third teacher," is thoughtfully designed for inspiration and open-ended materials. Portfolios encourage children's reflection on their learning journey.

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Communication Skills

From 1 to 5, young children are invited to explore their environment and express themselves through many ‘languages’ or modes of expression. Our caring staff encourage communication skills through words, movement, drawing, painting, sculpture, shadow play, collage, and music.

Within the Reggio Emilia philosophy, children engage in their innate curiosity with each area of investigation considered as of equal value. Throughout the learning process, children are given access to many tools and media.

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Early Stage Teachers

Our school collaborates with each family and the community to support individual child's growth and learning. Our skilled and engaged Preschool teachers are committed to reflecting on their own teaching strategies.


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