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Our High School in Sydney, NSW, is conveniently situated close to Sydney's Bondi Beach, east of the city. Students learn in a modern, inclusive environment near Sydney's Aboriginal engraved rock formations and excel in their studies, leading to our ranking as a Top 5 High School in NSW for examination results.

Not only do we develop broad-minded, capable, multi-skilled individuals, but we also encourage students to explore their creative and sporting talents so that they can fulfil their dreams beyond academia. We offer one of the most extensive extracurricular programmes available at independent High Schools in Sydney and encourage students to try their hand at some of the many additional activities offered by our specialist instructors.

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Why Choose Our High School in Sydney, NSW?

Reddam House High School in Sydney, NSW has built a reputation for exceptional results in the Higher School Certificate (HSC), leading to our 5th-place state ranking. We are also the No.1 school in NSW for Mathematics Standard results. At the secondary education level, we find that our High School students naturally develop group-mindedness and the success of the school year is entirely based on the combined efforts of its class members.

Each member of the community rallies together to support one another, and a sense of camaraderie is especially important for those completing their final year. Our High School students gain exemplary results, an incomparable sense of unity and outstanding enrichment activities, making our top High School in Sydney a leading choice for families seeking exceptional, premium tuition in the heart of the city.

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High School Curriculum

The NESA (New South Wales Education Standards Authority) accredits our High School curriculum, which comprises core and optional subjects. In Year 10, High School students study English, mathematics, science, history, geography, and PDHPE.

Students also participate in career seminars and practical work experience, which is compulsory for all students. In addition to the core curriculum, Year 10 students choose two electives from commerce, dance, drama, French, Hebrew, Information & Software Technology, music, and the visual arts.

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Our High School curriculum is accredited by NESA (New South Wales Department of Education). Students must study at least 12 units in Year 11 (the preliminary HSC year) and at least 10 units in Year 12 (the HSC year). In addition to the compulsory two English units, students are encouraged to pursue courses relevant to their interests and career aspirations. The High School timetable and the courses offered may vary from year to year. Options are provided in consideration of popularity, relevancy, and student interest.

The High School subjects list comprises core and elective options. In Year 10, High School students study English, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, and PDHPE (Personal Development, Health and Physical Education). Students also participate in career seminars and practical work experience, which is compulsory for all individuals. In addition to the core curriculum, Year 10 students choose two electives from Commerce, Dance, Drama, French, Hebrew, Information & Software Technology, Music, and the Visual Arts.

High School Subjects

We offer an exemplary range of subject options for those undertaking the Higher School Certificate. English is the only compulsory subject in the curriculum. Students may choose to study:

  • Mathematics Advanced
  • Mathematics Extension 1 and 2
  • Mathematics Standard 2
  • Music Extension
  • English Advanced
  • English Extension 1 and 2
  • English Standard
  • English EAL/D
  • Modern History
  • Ancient History
  • History Extension
  • Information Processes & Technology
  • Software Design & Development
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Business Studies
  • Economics
  • Legal Studies
  • Geography
  • Personal Development, Health and Physical Education
  • French continuers
  • Visual Arts
  • Music 1 and 2
  • Drama
  • Dance
  • Modern Hebrew Continuers.
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High School Language Provision

As a top Sydney secondary school, we aim to offer high-quality secondary education that caters to our students' diverse needs and interests. Those who wish to do so may attend a vocational-based TAFE course or undertake NSW School of Languages courses for language study not currently offered by the school.

High School students also have the opportunity to study their first language at the Saturday School of Community Languages. To enhance the learning experience of those who wish to study a particular subject, special arrangements can also be made to facilitate enrolment at an online institution.

Extra-Curricular Activities at High School

We understand how important it is for young individuals to experience the freedom of self-expression, personal growth and fulfilment. Our team of experienced tutors, teachers, coaches and specialists deliver one of the most comprehensive High School Extracurricular Activities Programmes in Sydney to ensure that each student can explore all they are capable of at this formative stage in their education.

High School Creative Arts & Performance Tuition

Visual Art is offered as an elective subject in Year 9. High School students are guided through programmes that offer both traditional and contemporary ways of working and looking at the world.


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Individual Growth

Reddam artists consistently challenge themselves to produce sophisticated and innovative artworks. They are versatile, resourceful and able to handle a wide range of art-making practices whilst integrating complex concepts. Our students work in this way because they are passionate, inspired and thrive in the vibrant environment of the Reddam House studio.

Creative learning allows students to develop the ability to think dynamically in all aspects of their life and uncover practical solutions to challenges they may encounter. Individual conceptualisation and interpretation are celebrated as each student develops into an individual possessing a unique skill set.

The vast majority of Reddam Visual Arts High School students consistently place in the top 10% in the state, achieving a Band 6 (above 90%) in their final Visual Arts examinations. Every year, several of our students are nominated for Art Express, an exhibition that presents top-level artworks from final-year entrants.

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Art Retreats

Our Art Retreat Programme is exceptional, offering immersive learning opportunities for students each year.

Year 10 students explore the Quarantine Station at Manly. This site offers wonderful historical and visual influences for a range of art-making experiences. As Year 10 students engage in the world of visual art, a fantastic opportunity presents itself to develop a diverse range of new skills as they refine their individual styles. Photographic, sculptural and drawing workshops are conducted in a wide variety of situations, such as the shore of Sydney Harbour.

Year 11 students travel south and have a ‘Back to Bundanon’ experience at Arthur Boyd’s Bundanon and Riversdale properties. Here, they engage in all the wonders that the property has to offer, including an artistic programme aimed at supporting students in their transition from Year 11 into the Year 12 Visual Arts course. As their primary focus, students enjoy drawing and printmaking. They also acquire a range of competencies, including traditional and experimental techniques, while working closely with Bundanon art educators. Bonding with like-minded peers causes artistic discussion to flourish.

Year 12 students visit Hobart to experience the Museum of Old and New Art (MONA). Students are always enthralled by the contemporary nature of the installations that are presented within the gallery space. Year 12 students use gallery visits to inspire their art theory work, as these trips greatly enhance their knowledge and understanding of art practice for their final coursework.

Our senior art students often produce award-winning entries in web-based, local, national and international art competitions. They have also enjoyed investigating the world of influential artists, gaining a deep knowledge of their works and developing the ability to use the process of art analysis and art criticism to view the world in new and exciting ways.

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Studying dance at the High School level is a brave and satisfying journey. Through three core, intercorrelated components - performance, composition and appreciation - students gain a combination of skills. They learn to create and perform movements, as well as the ability to analyse and understand the effects of the skills learnt. Under the umbrella of performance, students developing technical dance skills and understand anatomy and body maintenance.

High School dance students engage in weekly technique classes that highlight foot and core control development, floor work and travelling, and off-centre skills in a range of styles. As technical skills in dance deepen, aspects of performance quality and stagecraft are also enhanced. In this process, our student dancers learn how to use their bodies via the language of dance.

Throughout the year, teachers help students develop a class piece during practical lessons which is then performed at the annual End of Year Dance Showcase at NIDA in Term 4. This exercise aims to equip students with the endurance, strength and coordination required to eventually present a 3-minute solo dance. From a theoretical point of view, the dance programme introduces learners to somatotypes and individual body types. They also understand how these factors influence personal capabilities and limitations when dancing.

To support this new knowledge, students study the bones and joints of the body, as well as different types of training to prevent injury.

In composition classes, the focus is on increasing creativity and confidence in personal choreographic styles. Students create compositions based on a chosen intention and develop skills of personalisation and abstraction to transform literal concepts into the art form of dance. Students also learn to structure their movement using motif and form, organising their ideas into a readable art form.

The appreciation component of the course is centred around analysing the meaning of dance. Students evaluate the work of professional choreographers and engage in seminars and workshops with professional lecturers. There is also a focus on essay writing in this component of the course. Dance is a truly unique and rewarding subject. Studying dance at this level not only teaches students to become stronger, more expressive artists but they are equipped with personal skills that assist them in decision-making and problem-solving.

Participants learn how to collaborate with teachers and peers and expand their knowledge and potential. They become efficient at time management and learn to meet deadlines and plan effectively for the creative process. Throughout all aspects of the course, students are given regular opportunities to reflect on and evaluate their work to set goals for future performances. All of these are characteristics easily translated to every other subject on the High School timetable, preparing students for a full and rewarding academic experience.

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At the High School level, students engage in advanced studies of drama in Years 10 and 11. Through both practical and theoretical approaches, learners engage in the philosophies and techniques of influential theatre practitioners. They also learn to devise theatre performances, and develop an understanding of the art of acting and how to critically evaluate performances.

Our High School division consistently achieves outstanding HSC drama results, with students receiving marks in the top bands. Each year our students are nominated for OnSTAGE, the annual presentation of New South Wales schools’ exemplary work.

High School Music Programme

Our specialist team of performance and classroomstaff collaborate in a robust and thriving music programme. The Music Department is housed in our purpose-built music terrace at the Woollahra campus, and in our specially-designed teaching spaces at the Bondi campus. Students in Years 10 to 12 may utilise resources across both campuses for the musical studies.

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Music Ensembles

Our High School students have the ability to join music ensembles that cater to every interest and ability level, with multiple options proudly representing the diversity of talent within our community.

Choral Programme

Our choral programme is wide-ranging and caters to every student. All High School students are encouraged to join the large and successful Bondi Singers, who collaborate with our Woollahra campus choirs for significant performances and events.

Voluntary Extension Ensembles

Voluntary ensemble opportunities offer a gateway to musical exploration for talented students. Participants are guided by leading musicans and supported as they develop their ensemble skills and give back to the school community. Ensemble and extension opportunities include

  • Concert Band
  • Jazz Band
  • Rock Bands
  • Brass Ensemble
  • String Orchestra
  • Musicianship
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Individual Tuition

Our Music tutors comprise 35 experienced teachers, who are committed to helping students attain the best outcomes in their practice.

Instrumental and vocal lessons are subject to a timetable that is regularly rotated to avoid disruption to academic learning. Music tuition is voluntary at the Middle School stage. Instruments offered for study include:

Instrumental tuition options include:

  • Violin
  • Viola
  • Cello
  • Double Bass
  • Flute
  • Oboe
  • Clarinet
  • Bassoon
  • Trumpet
  • Trombone
  • French Horn
  • Baritone/Euphonium
  • Tuba
  • Harp
  • Percussion
  • Guitar
  • Bass Guitar
  • Voice
  • Piano
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Performance Opportunities

Our school values the practical application of music. Students perform at least once a year in groups or individually. Our specialist performance staff offer students guidance so that they deliver confident and rounded performances in competitions, recitals and informal presentations.

To help our students become accustomed to the art of performing, we arrange recitals in professional venues, such as the NIDA Parade Theatre and Sydney Town Hall. Cultural points are awarded for participation in the performance programme, which runs on a weekly schedule.

Performance Opportunities include:

  • School Assemblies Instrumental & Vocal Competitions
  • Elite Musician Recitals Composition
  • Competition Reddam Idol
  • Prize Giving Ceremonies
  • Sydney Eisteddfod
  • Australian National Eisteddfod
  • Gold Coast Eisteddfod
  • Reddam House Open Day
  • Music Tours
  • Inter-House Music Competition
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Curriculum Music

Year 10 Elective Course

The Year 10 Elective Music course expands on the wide range of experiences and contexts in Year 9. Through exploring Western Art Music periods through studying small and large ensembles, and developing contemporary songwriting skills in Year 10, students can experiment with content and assessments that prepare them for both Music 1 and 2 trajectories, facilitating the opportunity to see which course would be most appropriate for them into Year 11 and 12.

Music I (Preliminary and HSC course)

Students who choose this option need no prerequisite, however due to the academic rigour at Reddam House, it is strongly recommended that students taking this option have experience as performers on at least one instrument or voice. It is suitable for students with diverse musical backgrounds, both formal and informal, including those with an interest in popular music. It is delivered at the rate of eight 55-minute periods every fortnight. Students are also required to study a musical instrument and perform in an ensemble.

Music II (Preliminary and HSC course)

Students who choose Music II must have completed the Years 7–10 Mandatory and Additional Study courses. Focusing on Western Art music, it is suitable for students with a formal background in music, and requires a high level of music literacy, advanced performance skills (around AMEB Grade 6 or equivalent at entry to Year 11), and an aptitude for composition and musicology. In addition to eight 55-minute periods every fortnight, students must also study an instrument and perform in an ensemble.

Music Extension (HSC course)

This unit is an extension for those enrolled in the Music II course. An extra period is timetabled each week and students are required to research their repertoire and expand their understanding of what it is to be a performer in these styles through their presentation of a viva and assembly of a portfolio of work In the HSC exam, they are required to complete 3 extra performance works for external examination, including a chamber ensemble performance.

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High School Sport

Our High School Sports Programme offers a wide selection of year-round activities. Most sports are seasonal, but basketball and surfing are practised year-round. In the summer, we offer basketball, water polo, cricket, tennis, touch football, futsal, fencing and surfing. The winter sports programme includes rugby, soccer, netball, basketball and surfing. Teams practice and compete at various levels, catering to all students' needs, ranging from beginners to elite competitors.

Sports training occurs near the school at local facilities, either before or after school. Sport is played on Friday evenings, Saturdays and Sundays. Most of our High School students participate in more than one sport during the season.

High School Sport Competition

Young sportsmen and women may represent their school in the Combined Districts Secondary Sports Association (CDSSA), the Association of Independent Co-Educational Schools (AICES), and the NSW Combined Independent Schools Sports Council (NSWCIS). Over the years, we have had many representatives, with our very best sports students playing for The Australian Schools Teams.

In addition to our regular High School Sports Programme, we run an extensive Sports Academy. The Sports Academy Programme enables students to partake in recreational activities that enhance their well-being in the long term. As part of the Sports Academy offering, participants enjoy surfing, paddle boarding, sailing, rock climbing, mountain biking, gym training, yoga and dance.


If any Reddam parent is curious or considering these trips - they provide an indescribable, life-changing & expansive gift to your child - one that a parent accompanying or family holiday could never replicate. A special thank you to Warren Garret & Melanie Pelosi for all you are and all you do, I am so grateful.

— Nicky Golan, Parent


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