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Our Higher Senior Certificate (HSC) course in Sydney leads to exceptional student outcomes. We are a Top 5 HSC school in NSW, ranking 5th in the state for examination results. The HSC is awarded to students who complete secondary education in New South Wales and is one of Australia's most recognised secondary qualifications.

The HSC course is accredited by the New South Wales Education Standards Authority (NESA), an awarding body that also determines the study and examination process in certified schools. Our HSC provision caters for students in Years 11 and 12 and supports them at the crucial final stage of their secondary education.

Higher Senior Certificate education in Sydney

Why Study the HSC at Our School in Sydney?

As a Top 5 HSC school in Sydney, NSW, we are proud to facilitate outstanding results and high student outcomes. The dedicated teaching staff who lead our division cultivate an inclusive learning environment that gives everyone a chance to fulfil their potential.

Our HSC students do not just receive first-class tuition; they gain the support of a diverse, global community that prepares them well for long-term international success.

While undertaking the HSC, students gain valuable learning experiences that prepare them for the workplace and higher education.


At the HSC level, we offer an impressive number of academic, creative and sports opportunities. We are proud to help our students acquire highly sought-after skills that will benefit them in New South Wales and beyond.

HSC Benefits

The HSC pathway is a highly-respected, internationally-recognised study option that is highly favoured for its rigour and subject variety. Unlike other secondary education curriculums that may determine a set number of number of core subjects, HSC guidelines outline the study of one core compulsory subject. Increased autonomy in their learning enables young people to centre their education on their preferences and future prospects leading to higher rates of success.

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Flexible, Individually-Tailored HSC Course

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HSC Widely-Recognised Qualifications

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HSC Syllabus

The HSC syllabus is 2 years long. The course begins at the start of Year 11, with the preliminary year, and ends in the last semester of Year 12, with the final HSC year. At our school, the HSC syllabus comprises traditional and modern options to suit the needs of our diverse student population.

Before the preliminary HSC year, candidates will have selected their course options with the help of parents, teachers and tutors. We recommend that HSC subject choices are informed by personal interests and previous success in Year 10. Students in our HSC cohort are expected to show dedication to their studies and attend all classes to do well.

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HSC Subjects

Our HSC subjects list is extensive and includes the humanities, STEAM, and language options. Senior students must study at least 12 units in Year 11, the Preliminary HSC year, and at least 10 units in Year 12, the HSC year. Each unit equates to 2 hours of study per week.

Apart from the compulsory two units of English, students are encouraged to pursue courses relevant to their interests and career aspirations. The HSC timetable structure and the courses we offer may vary from year to year and are dependent on student uptake. At our school, students may choose from a wide variety of academic courses, including:

  • Mathematics Advanced
  • Mathematics Extension 1 & 2
  • Mathematics Standard 2
  • Music Extension
  • English Advanced
  • English Extension 1 & 2
  • English Standard
  • English EAL/D
  • Modern Hebrew continuers
  • French continuers
  • Modern History
  • Ancient History
  • History Extension
  • Information Processes & Technology
  • Software Design & Development
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Business Studies
  • Economics
  • Legal Studies
  • Geography
  • Personal Development
  • Health & Physical Education
  • Visual Arts
  • Music 1 & 2
  • Drama
  • Dance

HSC Marking System

HSC marks are set according to defined NESA marking standards. For all subjects, HSC marks are divided into bands for each subject and the band given will then indicate student performance in a particular course. For 2-unit courses, Band 6 indicates the highest level of performance with 90 - 100 marks, and Band 1 indicates the lowest level of performance with 0 - 49 marks.

  • Band 6 = 90 - 100 marks
  • Band 5 = 80 - 89 marks
  • Band 4 = 70 - 79 marks
  • Band 3 = 60 - 69 marks
  • Band 2 = 50 - 59 marks
  • Band 1 = 0 - 49 marks

HSC Assessment

HSC assessments are taken at predetermined examination dates in October or November of the final HSC year, and are outlined by the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA). Most subjects stipulate a 50 - 50 balance between examinations and written assessments, practicals or coursework. In addition to helping us understand the needs of our students, assessment results are a helpful indicator of student and school performance.

HSC Teachers

As experienced HSC educators, we prepare our learners well ahead of the examination period. It is important to us that at this stage, the assessment process is as stress-free as possible. Each of our students receives comprehensive support from their personal tutor and academic and pastoral staff, who aim to ensure the well-being of our student community.

Our HSC teachers are enthusiastic about their subjects of expertise and aim to make lessons as dynamic and engaging as possible. We are an innovate school and seek to apply the most effective teaching methods in every division to bring the curriculum to life. As part of regular practices, teachers organise tours, trips and excursions to complement the HSC curriculum.

HSC Drama, Dance & Music

Our School's HSC Drama results are some of the best in the country, with HSC Visual Arts students consistently placed in the top 10% of the state, achieving a Band 6, above 90%, in the HSC Visual Arts exams. Each year, our students are nominated for OnSTAGE, the annual presentation of New South Wales schools’ exemplary work.

Those who take HSC Music and Dance courses are equally as successful and have the opportunity to share their talents in regional and national recitals. Our HSC Art students have also produced award-winning entries in web-based, local and state competitions.

HSC Course Requirements

The HSC requires students to meet the following criteria to attain the diploma. All candidates must have completed at least 12 first-year units and at least 10 final-year units. As an additional stipulation, completed work should include:

  • Two English units
  • At least four subjects
  • A maximum of seven science units
  • Three subjects that are two units or more in value

HSC Language Study

The HSC provision at our school aims to meet the linguistic needs of our global community. As part of the HSC timetable, senior students may attend additional TAFE courses or the NSW School of Languages if they wish to enrol in a vocational or language programme that our school does not offer. HSC students may also attend the Saturday School of Community Languages, which encourages bilingual and multilingual students to develop fluency through additional tuition outside school hours.


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