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Breaking Rules SUN HERALD 16 February 2020

Midway through year 9 Murphy Pietraski quit her historic girls school, with its sweeping harbour views and stellar facilities. She didn't want to wear a regulation hair ribbon, or have rules governing her earrings. "It just wasn't the right vibe for me," she says.


Piettraski moved to Reddam House, a not-quite 20-year-old school squeezed into no-frills urban buildings in Sydney's eastern suburbs. There, she could choose her jewelry and wear her shirt untucked. But she was also expected to maintain a grade-point average of at least 60 percent, measured by a weekly test, and have her place reviewed if she slacked off. Yet she was happier. "At a lot of those private schools, it's about how you look," says Pietraski, 18, who left last year with an ATAR of 99.75. "Here we have more freedom."


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