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Our students thrive in academic subjects and co-curricular activities due to our individualised approach to learning. We offer each child abundant development opportunities so that at each stage of their schooling, they are empowered to discover their strengths and passions as unique young people who are part of a unified student community.

Students are encouraged to express their individuality, to be comfortable with who they are, and to respect each others' differences. Our school aims to ensure each child establishes an excellent foundation to attain excellence.

Co-educational & Non-Denominational

As a co-educational school, our school in Sydney provides a secure and natural environment for students to learn to relate to the opposite sex and an opportunity for students to interact whilst comfortably engaging gender equality. At Reddam, we celebrate difference and inclusiveness, which extends to supporting all religious beliefs.

Building Independence

Our students are encouraged to try new things and 'create' themselves. As they develop new competencies, they prepare themselves for a world that requires courage, resilience and flexibility. In promoting independent thinkers, our young people are empowered to use the knowledge they have acquired to develop their thoughts, ideas and opinions. In their educational endeavours, our children learn how to think, not what to think.

Beyond Academic

Reddam House encourages students to pursue sports that they love and supports students already engaged in a sport even if we do not offer it as a subject. Those with a love of the creative and performing arts are offered many opportunities where they can immerse themselves beyond the curriculum. Students can participate in these on both a competitive and non-competitive level, resulting in well-educated, multiskilled individuals who are immersed in their many learning options. Trips and enrichment activities, alongside residential visits and field trips, provide abundant opportunities to see the world from a different angle and to be inspired in their learning journeys.

A Supportive Learning Environment

Your child’s time at school should be happy and nurturing. That’s why Reddam School has a vibrant learning environment that comes from complementing the academic and co-curricular strengths with the three ‘Rs’ of pastoral care: relationships, respect and responsibility.

Raising the Standard

Our specialised education curriculum is geared towards the stronger academic child. In an average school environment, the above-average child will underachieve, becoming complacent and bored. In our academically strong environment, each child is motivated, stimulated and supported to meet our highest academic expectations. Even those children who are not academically strong will rise to the challenge when presented with work that will extend and stimulate.

Skills Development

Reddam House enables students to hone their lateral thinking, comprehension and inferential skills. Through sound learning methods, our students are exposed to a wide variety of subjects, including information technology, digital media and research skills. Reddam students also receive tuition in life and communication skills, study methods and time management, and are introduced to entrepreneurship, stock exchange and banking know-how, drug awareness, subject choice orientation and career counselling.

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A Word From Our Founder

Nadim M. Nsouli Inspired Founder

The strength and consistency of Inspired schools’ educational principles are largely due to the solid foundation laid by a strong team of skilled and experienced educators. With a holistic curriculum focused on the three pillars of modern education: academic excellence, sports and performing and creative Arts, the individuality of every student is unlocked, giving Inspired students transformative opportunities to achieve self-actualisation, fulfil their full potential, and flourish.

Nadim M. Nsouli, Inspired Founder, Chairman & CEO

Education and Learning


Children who enjoy academic challenges thrive under the specialised curricula offered by Reddam House. In school environments where children are not encouraged to achieve their best, they will perform below their potential. However, when they are appropriately challenged and encouraged even students who are not academically strong, rise and achieve beyond what was anticipated.

Reddam House Sydney creates an environment where each child is motivated to try new things, stimulated with extension work and supported to learn how to succeed, so they can meet their full academic potential.

Our school focuses on enrichment tasks for each child in need of being extended, whether that is in a specific subject or across their studies.

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Compliance Reports



In New South Wales, independent schools such as Reddam House Sydney are held to high standards and must meet a range of reporting requirements to the government and the wider public. Our detailed Compliance Reports include an annual summary, an internal census, stats about our student community, trends in academic performance, teacher development and insights into parent/student satisfaction.


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Reddam House acknowledges and pays respect to the Traditional Owners and Knowledge Holders of the land on which we meet; The Gadigal People of the Eora Nation. It is upon their ancestral lands that Reddam resides. We would also like to pay respect to the Elders both past and present, acknowledging them as the traditional custodians of knowledge for these lands. 


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