Primary Education at Reddam House Sydney

Kindergarten to Year 6

Our Primary School in Woollahra is ideally located in the New South Wales Cooper Park Reserve, which features rainforest trails and beautiful natural views. We embrace the uniqueness of each young student that joins our learning community in the understanding that all learners have different abilities, learning preferences and individual interests.

At our Primary School, we are committed to helping each child uncover their unlimited potential. Our highly-experienced teachers support the well-being of our enthusiastic youngsters from Year 1 to Year 6 and seek to help children explore their strengths by fostering learning habits for life in our exploratory setting. Our students access one of the most extensive Primary School extra-curricular activities programmes in Sydney, with dozens of enrichment options to pique our young learners' interests.

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Why Choose our Primary School in Woollahra, Sydney?

Our Primary School in Woollahra, Sydney, is highly recommended as a leading private Primary School in NSW. Our provision is informed by evidence that all learners have different abilities, learning preferences and individual interests; therefore, we engage in a range of innovative learning methods, and the focus is placed on the depth of content.

Through a personalised approach, we cultivate a deeper understanding of all students, which helps them thrive and grow in a nurturing academic environment. Our school's primary education is based on the core belief that all pupils can learn effectively when motivated and interested. To support our goals, we have developed a system consisting of effective learning materials and assessment methods that enable us to achieve academic excellence and develop well-rounded students.

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Primary School Curriculum

Our Primary School curriculum is based on the national curriculum. It is interpreted and planned in a way that promotes students’ strengths and enhances areas for improvement. Teachers set different expectations regarding task completion and differentiate instruction so that all children are supported and challenged appropriately.

Our teaching staff are passionate about their roles and immerse young students in multifaceted learning based on individual needs. Instruction varies in pace and scaffolding is learner-specific. Our tailored approach ensures that the educational environment is inclusive and sets all pupils up for success.

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Primary School Teachers

 To help engage our learners and help them build an impressive range of competencies, our experienced teachers deliver an exciting array of activities that provide core understanding in the academic, sports and creative curriculums.

Through a creative process, Primary School teachers help students develop their interests, feelings, insights and responses to the world. They encourage exploration through a variety of mediums and technologies and as a result, young learners experience the satisfaction of understanding, demonstrating insight and ideas.

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Assessments & Evaluations

At Reddam Primary School we strongly believe in the power of pre-assessment and ongoing evaluations to gauge how our students are learning and what they know. It provides feedback for both teacher and student. This approach uses tools that are fair, rigorous and challenging, engaging the students in the curriculum in meaningful ways. The goal is not only to encourage student participation, but to focus on appropriate instruction and assessment.

Primary School Creative Arts

 As innately creative individuals, all children possess talents and creative interests. Primary School Creative Arts curriculum is based upon the NSW Education Standards Authority Creative Arts K–6 Syllabus and the Australian National Curriculum. It is divided into units of study that are taught in sequence from Kindergarten to Year 6.

At the Primary School stage, Creative Art teachers aim to expand abilities while fostering a love and appreciation of crafts, aesthetics, art-making, design, and higher-order lateral thinking. Lessons take place in well-resourced, purpose-built studios, featuring modern equipment, cutting-edge technology and a variety of supplies. Students delve into animation, film and television, glass art, photography, ceramics, sculpture, drawing, game and app development, 3D printing, painting and graphic design.

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Primary School Media Arts

In Media Arts, primary students study communication through the mediums of film, photography, video, audio, computer & digital arts and interactive media by studying entrepreneurship and graphic design, 3D design and printing, advertising, animation, digital storyboarding, and more.

Creatively, students employ the elements of space, time, light, motion, colour, and sound to express their perspectives, feelings and ideas. Young students develop the ability to uncover meanings and ideas behind advertising, images and artworks.

Woollahra primary school programmes

Primary School Enrichment Programme

Young creatives may extend their artistic experiences through co-curricular and enrichment programmes. Specialist-led creative sessions develop wide-ranging knowledge of artistic techniques and contemporary technologies.

As part of the programme, all children at this stage may extend their creativity with industry leaders in a variety of artistic fields during our Creative Arts Festival. In the past, workshops have centred on coding, engineering, book illustration, glass art, architecture, jewellery making, animation, photography, film and television and 3D printing and design.

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Exhibitions and regional, national and international competitions offer an ideal opportunity for students to present their work, As a exceptionally creative Primary School in Woollahra, we are proud of our competitive success over the years. Some of our students' achievements are listed below:

  • The Art Gallery of NSW Young Archie Competition
  • 1-Minute Film Competition
  • Wombat Books Illustration Challenge
  • Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize
  • Little Things Art Prize
  • Saint Cloche Gallery
  • Paddington
  • ATOM Photographic Competition
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The ballet course engages students kinaesthetically, kinetically, spatially, visually, inter- and intra-personally. Those who wish to explore the Royal Academy of Dance Syllabus achieve and maintain, a strong classical technique for all dance styles while exploring their creative potential. Classes are two hours long and are held weekly.

Ballet lessons develop skills through the classical technique of stretching and strengthening the body, incorporating Pilates mat work. Ballet teachers provide thorough and personalised guidance to each child, and the elective has adopted the RAD syllabus as it has a strong focus on creating a strong foundation for dancers.

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During drama lessons, the studio space transforms into an imaginary world where children may play large or small roles, depending on their comfort level. Active participation is encouraged and children are gain confidence and public-speaking abilities when performing for their peers, parents and teachers.

One of the highlights of the drama course is the effective preparation given for the Primary School's annual professional performance. Participation is not compulsory; however, the experience provides a valuable opportunity for students to express themselves through creative activity.

Primary School Music Programme

The Primary School Music Programme invites children from Kindergarten to Year 6 on an exciting journey to unleash their musical potential. All learners attend weekly music lessons in their classrooms and develop foundational knowledge and musical fluency. Teachers encourage children to perform listening activities, compose their own pieces, and share their work with their classmates.

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Primary Instrumental Programme


Students in Kindergarten and Year 1 who study an instrument have the opportunity to join music ensembles, and all students from Years 2 to 6 participate in compulsory ensembles to further their abilities. Our ensemble programme includes Strings, Concert Band, Drumline, Piano Duets, Pop Percussion, Synthesiser and Gutiar groups.

Choral Programme

Our Primary School choirs develop students' vocal, aural and performance abilities. All Kindergarten and Year 1 students are welcome to join the foundational Gumnuts Choir. In Year 2, all students participate in compulsory Bunyips Choir, as do Years 3 and 4 in the Sculthorpe Choir.

Talented musicians in Years 5 and 6 may join the Year 5-6 Singers. This is our school's flagship ensemble, having won the Open Primary section of the Sydney Eisteddfod multiple times in recent years.

Voluntary Extension Ensembles

Students who participate in voluntary ensembles are actively supported in enhancing their skills and musical abilities. They give back to the school community through regular competitions, performances and events. We are proud to offer String Orchestra, Electronic Music Production, Jazz Band, Jazz Piano, Brass Ensemble, Rock Bands and Musicianship.

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Individual Tuition

Primary students can enjoy specialised music tuition with a number of instruments. Lessons are delivered by experienced music tutors and take place at different times each week to avoid disruption to academic learning. Individual tuition is compulsory for students in years 2 to 7.

Instruments available for study include:

  • Violin
  • Viola
  • Cello
  • Piano
  • Recorder
  • Flute
  • Oboe
  • Clarinet
  • Bassoon
  • Trumpet
  • Trombone
  • French Horn
  • Baritone/Euphonium
  • Tuba
  • Harp
  • Percussion
  • Guitar
  • Voice
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Performance Opportunities

Live performance is an integral part of the Primary School Music Programme. Young students perform at least once each year, both individually and as part of an ensemble. Learners receive unique and memorable experiences to shine on stage and a a caring team of specialist performance professionals is on hand to help them prepare. Performance opportunities include:

  • Welcome Recital
  • Spring Recital
  • Weekly School Assemblies
  • Instrumental & Vocal Competitions
  • Composition Competition
  • Reddam Idol
  • Battle of the Bands
  • Holiday Celebration
  • Sydney Eisteddfod
  • Australian National Eisteddfod
  • Prize Giving ceremonies
  • House music competition
  • Studio Recitals
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Music Curriculum

As part of the Music Curriculum, young students are presented with a large musical variety in the classroom. They learn to sing, play, and move to music, internalising and developing their understanding of pitch, beat and rhythm through a variety of practical and theoretical activities. In conjunction with the instrumental and ensemble programme, classroom music covers all genres, from popular music and jazz to classical music.

Although very practical and ‘hands on’, the programme is also designed to ensure that students receive a strong grounding in music theory, notation and musicianship, using Orff and Kodaly methodologies as a foundation for thorough skill development and deeper learning.

Primary years education is enhanced further through a range of unique student experiences and workshops provided by organisations such as Musica Viva, Opera Australia, and through our partnership with Inspired by Berklee. Our Primary School Music Programme continues to be one of the most rigorous in the state and extends well beyond the levels set by the NSW Education Standards Authority.

Primary School Sports Programme

Woollahra elementary school sports programmes

Variety & Opportunity

All students have the chance to represent their school in a competitive weekend sport. On top of this, Reddam offers a host of non-competitive options. Students have the opportunity to participate in everything from surfing to rock climbing.

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Inspirational Staff

Passionate, motivated, and caring staff give every child — beginner to elite, — the opportunity to find success in their preferred sporting arena.

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Pathways to Success

PDHPE (Personal Development, Health and Physical Education) aims to develop in each student the knowledge, skills, values, and attitudes needed to lead a healthy, safe and active lifestyle. In order to achieve these objectives, our programme is designed to provide the basis for students to adopt responsible and productive roles in society.

The PDHPE programme promotes participation in regular and varied physical activity with the focus on inculcating a sporting culture that creates unity amongst students, improves leadership skills, develops positive relationships, and elevates the individual’s overall well-being and health. 


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