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Our school's university counselling gives students the support they need to attend leading universities in Australia and Higher Education institutions overseas. We have considerable success rates in this area, with one in three students attending a top university, with most of our students attending the leading Australian Universities. Additionally, 90% of our students attend their first-choice course provider upon graduation. Our University and Careers Counsellors build a rapport with students to determine their needs and offer guidance and assistance to help them reach their goals.

To support the efforts of our in-school counsellors, Inspired has partnered with two providers, US-based Arete Education Consulting and UK-based The Classroom Door. Both services aim to help students attain their desired grades and maximise their chances of attending the universities of their dreams. University entry is highly competitive, and we are proud to give our learners every opportunity to continue flourishing on their academic and professional paths. Students at our school can access preferential rates when accessing services.

RH Sydney Arete Consulting

Arete Education and The Classroom Door

Inspired is proud to partner exclusively with renowned leaders in US and UK university admission counselling, Arete Education and The Classroom Door, and offer preferential rates for all Inspired students. With record numbers of applicants in recent years, the top universities in the US and UK are increasingly competitive.

With our selected partners, students will have an opportunity to gain assistance in gaining a coveted spot at the institutions of their choice.

Arete Educational Consulting: Ignite the Future

Arete Educational Consulting is a comprehensive tutoring and educational consulting company dedicated to helping students fulfil their academic goals. They offer a range of services, from personal tutoring to help raise students' SAT scores to offering university admissions support well before the application process.

Arete's counsellors advise their clients on how to increase their chances of success of attending a leading university and also help to remove any roadblocks to entry. Students learn how specific extracurricular activities, work experience, volunteering or academic achievements can help them stand out from the growing pool of applicants. They are supported in their learning by tutors with outstanding knowledge of our curriculum. Prospective clients should state their attendance at our Inspired School to access preferential rates.

Find out more about Arete here:


The Classroom Door

Boosting a student’s chances of securing a US or UK university placement can be expensive and laborious, which is why Inspired has partnered with The Classroom Door (TCD). TCD is a comprehensive educational platform and tutoring marketplace providing access to world-class tutors, experienced advisors and certified teachers from just $15 per hour.

The Classroom Door (TCD) is a social enterprise offering accessible, affordable and effective tutoring and counselling at competitively low rates. The service helps students overcome barriers to entry to their first-choice institution and provides the support young learners need at each stage of their learning process. TDC's counsellors, tutors and teachers have experience guiding students toward top colleges, such as Harvard, Princeton, Oxford, Yale and Cambridge, and each has an excellent track record of university placements.

TDC offers subscription-based, self-guided college counselling sessions that cover topics pertaining to the application process. Senior school clients learn how to build the perfect college list and write a personal essay. They also gain tips for university interviews. As part of their service, TDC also provides one-to-one tuition for children of all ages. Their academic tutors assist pre-kindergarteners to seniors in a range of subjects, including STEM, languages, and the humanities. To access preferential rates, enter the code ‘INSPIRED10’ on The Classroom Door app when booking.

For more information, visit The Classroom Door's website.



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