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Our School in Woollahra: Excel in Academics & Beyond

At our school in Woollahra, every individual is important to us. The potential of each child is uncovered, nurtured and celebrated in all aspects of school life, and learners are equally respected in their own right. In light of this aim, teachers at Woollahra focus on building strong, nurturing relationships between teacher and child, children and their peers, and school and families. At our school's Woollahra campus in Sydney, we are proud to nurture and guide all students towards their goals in a supportive, welcoming and creative setting.

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Woollahra Campus: Unleash your Potential

Our Woollahra campus features a heritage building and state-of-the-art facilities. Situated in the leafy heart of Sydney, we welcome children from the age of 1 to 13. Our world-class facilities offer the perfect setting for each member of our school community to collaborate, achieve their dreams, and flourish academically.

We have designed a staggered timetable to ensure each division enjoys discreet break and lunch times without overlap. This supports the safety of our youngest students and ensures that every child is comfortable in our secure and inspiring surroundings.

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Woollahra Campus: Fostering a Broad Skill Set for Life

The Woollahra campus presents exceptional facilities to build young learners' skills from the early to middle years. The campus grounds feature a manicured garden that frames the playground, and children in the early years and primary divisions may access age-appropriate playground equipment or spend time with their friends in supervised seating areas under our gorgeous plane trees.

Our campus in Woollahra offers wide-ranging opportunities for students to demonstrate their practical skills. In the school's dynamic facilities, classrooms are thoughtfully arranged to encourage interaction during lessons. Additionally, our bespoke science laboratories, exceptionally-equipped art and media rooms, mirrored ballet studios, and sizeable computer rooms promote a love of learning.

From Year 7, students move between different classrooms throughout the day. Each room is specially designed to offer the ideal context for specific subjects, from engaging mathematics lessons, which take place in lecture theatres, to interactive English lessons, which take place in versatile rooms adorned with books along the walls to inspire keen readers. The campus Music Terrace takes pride of place as a hub of creativity. This modern, multi-roomed centre is perfect for specialist-led music lessons.

To further complement our art facilities, the drama studio offers a spacious and airy environment, with black curtains and impressively high ceilings to add a touch of theatre to the setting. The Woollahra campus is ideally located close to the Sydney city centre, and at break times, students can be found socialising and eating on the magnificent rooftop terrace overlooking Sydney Harbour. We encourage children to make the most of their time at this inspiring campus by forging connections with others in our multicultural community and enjoying their activities of interest between classes and after school.


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